Friday, April 2, 2010

Board Exam Tips For Students: Put Your Best Foot Forward

“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down.”
Allen H. Neuharth

I always get tensed and nervous when I enter the exam hall and even forget some answers...I get all the more tensed and even start shivering when I think of how am I going to face the board exam pressure?
Well, these are some general problems often faced by students during the Board Exam season. But a simple reply like “Relax! take a deep breath and avoid the test panic.” suffices all the worries off their heads.

There can be some basic reasons that in spite of good preparation and practice, students don’t perform well or give their 100% in their exams.
The nervousness and anxiety can be tied to varied specific events such as the first day of school, taking a test or going on a first date. For some students, this anxiety becomes so overwhelming that they face difficulty in concentrating during the test or forget the information which they had studied.

Some interpret it as butterflies, shakiness or a racing heartbeat during an exam…while others experience a full-blown panic attack when faced with a testing situation. Scientifically, psychologists name it as test anxiety, which is a psychological condition wherein people experience extreme distress and anxiety in testing situations. This can handicap the student’s will power to perform, no matter if he has studied or not. The severity of test anxiety can vary considerably from person to person.
Symptoms of test anxiety can be classified under three major groups: physical (sweating, shaking, rapid heart beat, dry mouth, fainting and nausea), cognitive and behavioral (avoidance of tests, blanking) and emotional (depression, low self-esteem and anger). Students also develop gregarious attitude by hurting themselves, taking drugs or indulging in destructive activities.

Taking all these things into account, there are certain does and don’ts which every student should adhere to when preparing for the crucial board exams.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”.
 Vincent Van Gogh...

It is strictly recommended for students to stop getting panicked…and should rather develop a feeling that they are appearing for another set of ordinary exams no matter even if it’s the arduous Board Exams. Here, the key funda which they mustn’t forget is that the easiest way of winning a battle is to win the battle first in the mind.

Students can conquer the exam fear by formulating blueprints and implementing them practically in their routine life. They can at anytime, anywhere refer to the eLearning portals as per their convenience and use online materials such as solved question papers backed by logical and coherent reasoning for constant practicing. The test papers too help them know where exactly they are lacking. All these will steadily develop the required proficiency and hold over weak subjects which are the most crucial elements demanded from them during the Board exams.

A student is suggested to always ask himself as to where exactly he is going wrong and should develop the habit of learning from his previous mistakes. He should persistently talk to his friends and relatives to know the root cause of such hindering reasons.

They should try to study at least four subjects out of total five per day, which will eventually keep their memory sharp for all subjects. Spending one hour religiously for each subject will mean giving four hours daily for all four subjects. But remember not to study continuously.

Also, they are advised to take small breaks after every hour which they can utilize by either watching a TV or interacting with friends without getting into study related discussions. This is vital for revitalizing one’s tired soul.

Again, students shouldn’t easily get worked up and worried if thoughts like forgetting previous chapters cross their minds. They should rather wipe out such destructive thoughts by concentrating on new concepts with a fresh mind and full dedication. This will help them in getting disillusioned and at the same time will boost their confidence on themselves.

Students are highly recommended to perform yoga and meditation if facing extreme stress. This will in due course enhancing their concentration power, since, yogic exercises are known for removing the antioxidants from the body and refresh the entire human system.
Healthy eating habits incorporating nutritious foods are a must do in the list while junk foods are a strict no-no.

Last minute preparation always results into a total chaos and may deliver catastrophic results. In such circumstances, students are advocated to carry all the necessary materials with them such a pen, pencil, board roll number, etc. as they leave for the exam centre.

Last but not the least, they should remember not to let other’s expectations overpower them…rather should have complete faith in themselves, a mandatory requirement as they gear up to face the grueling exam session.