Thursday, January 22, 2009

Etutoring: The Growing Virtual Trend Wooing the Netizens!!!

Elearning, a term coined in the 21st century with the advent of the Internet, is an umbrella term meant for describing innovative learning done through a computer. It is usually connected to a network, thus, giving ardent learners the opportunity to learn almost anything anytime, anywhere. With the World Wide Web, it has become quite plausible now to reach to the remotest corner of this global village and quench the thirst of knowledge-seekers.

People find web-based, online learning much more convenient simply because of its’ many advantageous features, as the usage of latest technology and ingenious concepts to satisfy a craving mind. They are provided with a unique opportunity where they dive deep to unravel the mysteries of the universe and explore learning and attain knowledge as never done before.

Etutoring: Gateway to Myriad of Knowledge

With eLearning, eTutoring, another highlighting feature, has come into existence which has successfully transcended the traditional classroom learning, thus, making itself much more creditable for generation N. Easily accessible, eTutoring or virtual classes have effortlessly carved for itself a vast niche audience which finds the modern teaching style coupled with technological evolution much more salubrious and profitable.

Virtual class or eTutoring offer learners a way to stay ahead of the information tide of an expanding knowledge base. This gives them the privilege to have learning program as per their convenience. Online learning offer real-time learning in a vast number of subjects and topics for individual instruction which further adds charm to this growing learning tool. Be it students, parents or teachers, all are provided with flexible learning processes not found in any other learning mechanism.

Etutoring does not outright negate the importance of traditional learning style, rather accentuates it through its much beneficial features designed especially for a student’s aspiring future. It aids a learner with sufficient devises and skills to implement the gained knowledge in the best possible manner he could.

With virtual classes, online experts are given the leverage to share their vast ocean of knowledge with knowledge seekers anywhere at their own pace. Unlike other form of education, eTutoring is equally seen as rich and as valuable as the classroom experience and its’ unique features impart an invaluable experience that leads to comprehension and mastery of new skills and knowledge, just like its traditional counterpart.

Internet, a priority in any occupation, has helped set a perfect platform for eTutoring and eLearning, vital for any beginner to access to and essential for having a firm grip in his field of knowledge. Years of refinement and perfection using established teaching principles have aided in imparting the right dosage of information and which has eventually forced educational institutes, businesses, and organizations worldwide to have Internet learning, a mandatory tool in their routine learning.


Etutoring or virtual class is not without its’ own set of beneficial features, must for augmenting its overall role as a user-friendly learning tool. These chiefly incorporate:

  • An interactive online lesson module

  • Can access from anywhere, at anytime

  • Just requires a web browser

  • Functions as a great home school, an easy substitute for school education

  • Effective one-to-one learning

  • Accredited generally by nationally and internationally recognized accrediting agencies

  • Offers online quizzes and exams with instant feedbacks

  • Does not require additional materials or textbooks

  • Have abundant lesson modules and are constantly upgraded

Henceforth, it’s proved that eTutoring or virtual class functions as a pivotal learning tool keeping in mind the fast paced contemporary society. For the 21st century students, it is definitely seen as a valuable technological advancement designed specifically to meet the constant changing demands at one’s own suitable time and comfort.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ELearning Technology Blended with Education

In todays fast pace world when time is becoming a critical factor, the pattern of learning is also undergoing major transformation. Populace want and need to learn according to their schedule, anytime, anywhere, so learning must be available on a 24x7 clock, with just-in-time delivery to the office, home and holiday spots. In this context information technology has emerged as a revolutionary vehicle, giving rise to inventive mode of learning, eLearning. Any learning that utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation and the medium of instruction in computer is eLearning or Electronic Learning.

ELearning is an umbrella term that includes distributed learning, online education, Computer Based Training (CBT) delivered over a network, and Web Based Training (WBT). As eLearning is self-paced, hands-on learning, it endows with very rich learning experience that can even surpass the level of education one might experience in a crowded classroom. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination of both.

Coupled with the communicative powers of technology, today eLearning has influenced different facets of education & training. It is now used, as an option by companies for training, disseminating information and other information management needs for their employees. By using this mode of instruction, companies can save millions of dollars in education and training their employees.

Although used for various purposes, eLearning is one of the most promising innovations to improve classroom teaching and learning after the school hours. ELearning permits teachers to develop study materials using the worldwide resources of the Web and communicate information in a more engaging fashion. Availability of wide-range of texts, diagrams and images with video and sound, including virtual reality technology makes teaching an interesting and effective process that holds the interest of students in the classroom.

As learning is a continuous, cultural process, so access and opportunities to learn should be available to students in real time after the school hours. eLearning fosters self paced learning whereby students can access the study support round the clock at their pace and convenience. A real time study support to students through subject experts via Virtual Classes further solve the queries of students and make them more proficient in the subject. It is highly appreciated by the teachers and students for its economic value as it eliminates the travel time and costs without compromising the quality and requirements.

Amidst all such benefits, eLearning has a major pitfall, viz. lack of face-to-face interaction between the students and the professor. But the quality education at economic cost available as per the convenience and flexibility of learners conceal the snag in eLearning and makes it a foremost choice of today’s knowledge driven generation.

Elearning, an innovative and revolutionary way to improve learning technique has become the mantra of the 21st century. Technology’s latest communicative power has taken the world by storm with its distinctive features making learning quite economic and convenient.